Easy to use accounting software automatically keeps your transactions up to date. Professional reports and insights make it simple to understand how your business is doing.


Set up your account in minutes. Direct deposit and online-accessible pay stubs make for effortless approval on payday. Paying your employees has never been easier.

Available for all types of business

AccIN has been tailor made to adjust to your business specifics. The ease of use is not the only benefit, we also understand the way your business works and geared up our solution to match your requirements.

AddOn PlugIns

Integrate your existing POS system or InApps, our fully fledged, integrated POS solution, to save time even more

Invoicing and Payments

Create, send, and track professional invoices from anywhere. Automatic reminders and online credit card processing will get you paid faster than ever.

Everything you need to successfully run your business.

Whether it’s tracking sales and expenses, billing customers and getting paid, or paying your employees, keeping your business organized has never been easier. And get all your figures validated by your favorite Chartered Accountant! Nothing easier!

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